Why Metal Is Trending In 2021

Metal is part of America's industrial history, playing a role in the country's most important architectural designs. While metal is used in the skyscrapers that dot our skylines and in famous structures across the country, this material has also been favored by interior designers and individuals for its stunning appearance.

Metal has been a staple in home interior design for years, especially in spaces with minimalist, industrial or modular designs. In the mid-century modern era, metal and other metals are beginning to appear to make a difference in form and function. Classic, iconic and beautiful, metal has remained a popular decorating choice for decades. The aesthetics of this material is undeniable and that is why it is ideal for a personalized decoration or a piece of wall art.

Why use metal in your home

It is a durable, strong material that lasts a lifetime, but can be molded to fit your needs. The timeless versatility of this material is the reason for its popularity in many decorating styles. Used in decoration, a metal art object is an ideal decorative element. Cool metal will look great with dominant, bold colors. However, it is also suitable for white and minimal spaces. From farmhouse to industrial, decorative metal works complement natural materials like wood and create balance and definition in any environment. Each piece can make a statement on your wall or draw attention to your space. PrecisionMetal works with this material because it's the best way to draw attention to you. PrecisionMetal works with this material because of its versatility and ability to match almost any style . We work with a knowledgeable designer to develop custom wall art that looks good, lasts, and adds a touch of personality.

Metal is fashionable in 2021

As homeowners look to refresh the look of their homes, metal and other metals are leading the way. Many designers favor handcrafted lighting and decor from local businesses. Metal does the trick, adding an organic yet urban element to your home. It blends well with other metals, such as copper and brass. Unlike other metals, like nickel or rose gold, the metal is timeless and will stay looking fresh even if you redecorate or update your style.

Designers expect geometric shapes to flourish in 2021 and beyond. Metal is perfect for creating intricate or simple patterns and shapes, adding depth and texture to your home. Mix and match metal objects with bold colors where matte finishes create subtle sophistication. Metal is also versatile, and metal objects work well as complementary objects or design focal points.

PrecisionMetal was founded after seeing a void in home decor and wall art. The metal was chosen because of its classic history in Europe and its design versatility. When we engrave a new design into metal, we are participating in a historic part of French industry and we are living up to our commitment to 100% Made in France products.

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